I am a physician in Edmond, OK, board-certified in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery (FPMRS).  Unfortunately, that’s way too long of a specialty name to say often, so most people just call me a Urogynecologist.  Through my practice, I care for women with a variety of pelvic floor concerns. Over the years, I have come to realize that much of women’s healthcare requires an integrative  approach.  Sure, there are some concerns that only surgery can resolve, and there are some that only medications can improve.  However, wherever possible, more conservative and holistic approaches should be used, with a focus on each individual patient’s goals.  There is no magic pill or procedure for many ailments, and oftentimes an attempt at treating one specific symptom is simply not enough for wellness overall.


Now, this is where my disclaimer comes it…I am trained in traditional medicine, and highly subspecialized at that.  I have an interest in more integrative and natural approaches to women’s health, but I am NOT and expert in these things.  I am learning as I go.  Through my attempts at self-training, I have discovered a lot of very good information, but even more misinformation.  This is the reason I have created this website.  My goal for this page is to create a reliable source of information, based on things that I have discovered and continue to learn.  My hope is that, through the information here, you will have the foundation you need to empower your own journey to health.


The information here is in no way meant to replace the advice or treatment of your healthcare professional.  It is simply a resource that you can use to approach your provider or to refer to when you have wellness questions or want an answer to seemingly contradicting information found elsewhere on the internet.  Every person is very unique and all attempts at improvement in health – especially when it comes to supplements and dietary changes – should be done in partnership with a healthcare provider you trust and that knows your own situation and health status.


In the ‘AGE Well’ section you will find an emphasis on a product line by Nerium International.  Nerium is a highly respected holistic anti-aging company with a focus on skincare and wellness products that align well with my philosophy for health.  They have been featured in many publications, including Allure, Shape, InStyle, Cosmo, US Weekly, New York Times, Essence, Glamour, and Harper’s Bazaar. Every single product is backed up by a wealth of science and research proving both efficacy and safety.  Every product uses exclusive and patented ingredients and technology that you will not find elsewhere. I use these products myself on a daily basis, and would absolutely not promote them if I didn’t believe in them.