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For about 60 years, fats have been vilified in our society.  But they shouldn’t be. Healthy fats – coconut oil, pastured butter, ghee, avocado oil, olive oil – should be eaten daily.  Extremely low fat diets can lead to vitamin deficiencies. Worried about high cholesterol? Don’t be.  Consumption of healthy fats will raise your good (HDL) cholesterol.  Total cholesterol shouldn’t actually change a great due to eating healthy fats because most of the cholesterol floating around in your blood is produced by the liver, not ingested in your diet.

One caveat here: A diet that is high in fat, low in carb is not necessarily dangerous. However, a diet that is high in fat and HIGH in carb is a dangerous thing indeed.  This is the combination that leads to many chronic illnesses.  If you’re going to eat fat, make it healthy fat and limit your carbs to those you get from vegetables.

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